The PawPrint newspaper was founded in 1967 and is run by Montgomery High School students.

Our mission is to provide timely and relevant information on local and global news, while noting our biases and bringing out the diverse perspectives of the MHS student body.

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have expanded our newspaper to a website in addition to our conventional in-hand prints. Our website captures our students’ resilience and ability to adapt to challenges.

Senior Editors’ Parting Advice:

Visit the Pawdcast, our very own student-run podcast!

Students and faculty use their voices to share the behind-the-scenes of a school community. PawPrint editors host and record exclusive interviews with the administration, teachers, community members, and students. Listen our podcast on Spotify as we explore the diverse perspectives within our community.

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Cougar Talks Updates!

Created by: Joyce Wang ’22

Numerous writers contributed to the Cougar Talks page in the March issue, covering topics from free college to media to modern monetary theory. The Cougar Talks articles are dedicated to promoting open and patient discourse between the sometimes polarized sides of a topic.

23 Mar. 2021

Students in the Spotlight:

LEFT: by Melanie Zhang ’22

Whether he’s building sandwich boards to help out a teacher or simply being a friendly face in the crowd, Kyle’s legacy is one of kindness and changing the word for the better.

RIGHT: by Catherine Gonzalez ’22

Photography is not only an art form for Reya Karthik, but an outlet that helps her understand the world. Her can-do persistence has led her to create breathtaking photos.

23 Mar. 2021

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