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The Revival of Drive-In Theaters

By Shreya Ambati ’21

Drive-in theaters were most popular in the 1950s, as families found them to be one of the most flexible forms of entertainment. People could bring their children, enjoy a meal, and the movies themselves were very affordable. But as technology advanced, their popularity decreased. However, the demand for these theaters have increased since the pandemic has hit and many owners have revamped their theaters for the enjoyment of the public. 

18 Oct. 2020

Blast From the Past: Citizen Kane

By Kevin Hopkins ’22

Media moguls like Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch, both owners of large media enterprises dictate the news coverage of the day and more importantly what events or issues are not covered. 

18 Oct. 2020

Filming a TV Show During a Global Pandemic: Here’s How It’s Done

By Naina Biswas ’23

One show that was filmed and aired over quarantine is Love in the Time of Corona. This four-episode miniseries centers around people who are looking for love but have limited options due to COVID-19.

5 Oct. 2020

Thank You For The Music: The Case For Virtual Concerts

By Lanie Hymowitz ’22

It can be understandably hard to make a virtual concert appealing—atmosphere has always been key to a great musical experience. But with more and more concerts resembling Together At Home, a new and beloved atmosphere has emerged, one that’s more cozy and real.

5 Oct. 2020

America’s New Favorite Tragedy-Comedy: The Network News and Its Astounding Resurgence

By Joyce Wang ’22

America’s climate is tense. COVID-19 has claimed at least 205,000 lives, America is experiencing its largest surge in racial awareness since the 1960s, and it’s an Election Year.

5 Oct. 2020

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