Freshman Perspective On Coming to High School

by Vallari Arya ’25 and Manaal Asif ‘25

Source: MTSD

Published Oct. 16th, 2021

The class of 2025’s last full year of in-person school was when we were in 6th grade, meaning that we missed a lot of our overall middle school experience. To get a gauge for how this has affected our fellow classmates, we sent out a questionnaire for them to share their perspectives on the last couple years. 

According to the data we gathered, 63% of the people surveyed are enjoying the new school year. However, many also find the workload to be a bit overwhelming. 39% of the people surveyed feel they are slightly falling behind in their classes because of such a big out-of-school gap. 

We also asked our grade how they felt they personally changed while being out of school, and responses varied from people discovering new strengths to recognizing their weaknesses. Some learned to better appreciate themselves, while others felt their scholastic skills strengthen and their social skills weaken. While these responses greatly differ, they show a healthy balance of growing as a person and relying on their own self reflection during the isolated time out of school. 

Overall, we learned that each person was affected very differently and had their own unique experiences, proving that there is no “right way” to feel. Adjustments will have to be made, and change will constantly occur whether we are ready to face it or not, but just know that you are not alone when encountering the challenges of going to high school.