MHS Quarantine Life

Keeping busy, but staying safe.

Your Drugs May Have Expired, But Their Impact Hasn’t

by Julie Edelstein ’22

Throwing unneeded medicine in the trash seems like a practical enough solution, but many fail to understand the potential consequences of it.

4 Oct. 2020

Student in the Spotlight: Rianna Moses

by Annabelle Wang ’22

Insecurity beats down a lot of high schoolers. But Rianna Moses is willing to lead the fight back.

13 Oct. 2020 

Virtual Learning: School During a Pandemic

by Flora Xia ’23

Despite the many perks of online school, the clear consensus of Montgomery students is the hope that classes and clubs will return back to normal next year.

13 Oct. 2020

Comic Tutorial: Nose and Lips

by Joyce Wang ’22

Tutorial on how to draw facial features and keeping busy while in quarantine

Monty Chefs During Quarantine!

by Madhumita Kannan ’22

Quarantine, for some, has made the days feel longer, but MHS students are still finding fun ways to pass their extra time. Here are a few, delicious recipes that MHS students made in the past few weeks.

MTSD’s First Virtual Art Extravaganza!

by Ben Zhao ’22

Montgomery Township School District’s first virtual extravganza shares an beautiful gallery of student art created while in quarantine!

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