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The Show Must Go On: She Kills Monsters

by Joyce Wang ’22

Virtual school presented a new challenge for the MHS Drama Department: how could they present their fall play if no audience members could attend… and no thespians could be on stage together?

Despite this novel hurdle, MHS theatre students prevailed with their performance of Qui Nguyen’s She Kills Monsters. The app Padlet supplemented the sound of an audience’s applause, and scene backgrounds featured original artwork from students.

All told, MHS’s fall play is a trailblazer for a new direction in the theatre world.

11 Jan. 2021

Amelia Cunningham: Growing and Giving Back

by Melanie Zhang ’22

For Amelia Cunningham, what began with violin lessons at nine has become a lifelong passion. This winter, Cunningham spreads holiday cheer despite the pandemic, now through a digital platform.

23 Dec. 2020

Local Workers in the Dark

by Ishani Ghosh ’23

Small local businesses like CafeMerica and Leticia’s Cleaning took a serious hit during the pandemic.

23 Dec. 2020

Major or Minor? The Issues with Virtual Music Lessons

by Catherine Gonzalez ’22

Learning music is hard. Now add Internet issues, screen lags, and noisy backgrounds to the mix.

23 Dec. 2020

Mental Health in a COVID-19 Era

by Melanie Zhang ’22

Teens’ mental health has been seriously impacted by COVID-19. While there are no easy solutions, there can still be light in an otherwise dismal time.

23 Dec. 2020

Hybrid During a Pandemic— Bad Idea or Not So Much?

by Aleen Xue ’21

This fall, a group of colleges in America opted for a hybrid schooling model. For hybrid students, this decision came with serious pros and cons.

23 Dec. 2020

TASK Pushes Through Troubling Times

by Uma Patel ’22

The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen has faced numerous challenges this year as they try to provide food and support to their patrons. This challenge extends to Teens4TASK.

23 Dec. 2020

Holiday Season Consumerism in a Pandemic

by Audrey Chang ’23

American retail and consumer habits have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic as we move into a holiday season in quarantine.

23 Dec. 2020

Meet MHS’s 2020 Class Officers!

Meet Your 2020-2021 Senior Class Officers!

by Kiran Subramanian ’21

On October 21st, the class of 2021 learned of who their officers were for their final year in high school. All of these individuals have proven themselves to be diligent and hardworking students dedicated to ensuring that the seniors will have an enjoyable and memorable final school year.

27 Nov. 2020

Meet Your 2020-2021 Sophomore Class Officers!

by Flora Xia ’23

Despite the obstacles of a virtual year, uniting the class seems to be the primary goal, with an emphasis on team-building to ensure a successful next two years. “Class officer means a lot to me,” Pranav said. “Having this say over the way our class conducts itself makes me so enthusiastic. Virtual learning has pushed the officers and me to be and do better.”

24 Nov. 2020

Meet Your 2020-2021 Junior Class Officers!

by Madhumita Kannan ’22

Since it is the last year to fundraise, president Michael Liu hopes to collect as many funds as possible by broadening “the variety of fundraising opportunities to encourage more students to participate.” In difficult times like these, third-time historian Adriana Papdakis hopes that this year’s activities can also provide a sense of “togetherness and unity.”

23 Nov. 2020

Meet Your 2020-2021 Freshman Class Officers!

by Michelle Sun ’24

It is clear that being a class officer as a freshman is a very different experience from being a class officer as a sophomore, junior, or senior: with the benefit of more time to fundraise but the added disadvantage of inexperience in a new environment, the class officers have a lot to say about how it feels to be a freshman class leader.

23 Nov. 2020

Montgomery’s Math-Based Community

by Lauren Tortolani ’24

The Montgomery school district has a heavy focus on math, which has both negative and positive effects on MHS students.

24 Nov. 2020

Your Drugs May Have Expired, But Their Impact Hasn’t

by Julie Edelstein ’22

Throwing unneeded medicine in the trash seems like a practical enough solution, but many fail to understand the potential consequences of it.

4 Oct. 2020

Teacher Perspectives on Virtual and Hybrid School

by Catherine Gonzalez ’22

A new perspective – MHS teachers provide their thoughts on both Virtual and Hybrid school.

24 Nov. 2020

Student in the Spotlight: Rianna Moses

by Annabelle Wang ’22

Insecurity beats down a lot of high schoolers. But Rianna Moses is willing to lead the fight back.

13 Oct. 2020 

How to Destress in Quarantine

by Alissa Wu ’23

These days, reducing stress is both more difficult and more important than ever. Here are some methods to keep your stress in check.

24 Nov. 2020

Virtual Learning: School During a Pandemic

by Flora Xia ’23

Despite the many perks of online school, the clear consensus of Montgomery students is the hope that classes and clubs will return to normal next year.

13 Oct. 2020

Comic Tutorial: Nose and Lips

by Joyce Wang ’22

Tutorial on how to draw facial features and keeping busy while in quarantine

Monty Chefs During Quarantine!

by Madhumita Kannan ’22

Quarantine, for some, has made the days feel longer, but MHS students are still finding fun ways to pass their extra time. Here are a few, delicious recipes that MHS students made in the past few weeks.

MTSD’s First Virtual Art Extravaganza!

by Ben Zhao ’22

Montgomery Township School District’s first virtual extravganza shares an beautiful gallery of student art created while in quarantine!

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