Students provide their takes on different issues.

Online, not Virtual

by Ben Zhao ’22

20 Oct. 2020

The world has been under lookdown for around 8 months now and students and adults alike have spent much of their lives in front of a screen to attend online meetings on platforms for school or work.

Whether we hold ourselves back or adapt to become more independent individuals, it is all up to us. Although school is temporarily online, our experiences are, in fact, very real.

Body Image During Quarantine

by Richa Chaturvedi ’21

20 Oct. 2020

Celebrities do not have, and should never have, the privilege of controlling what normal bodies look like.  As a society, we must remind ourselves that “perfect” bodies do not exist, and that we need to regain autonomy of our own body image.

MBTI: Insightful or Lacking Sight?

by Catherine Gonzalez ’22

20 Oct. 2020

The MBTI is primarily used in the workplace and relied upon religiously, often limiting employees to their received letters. 

MHS Zoomed for the Stars, While Students Crash and Burn

by Mikayla Salib ’22

4 Oct. 2020

New issues emerge as a new set of emotional and social obstacles for students arises with the new “normal” of virtual learning.

Marxism seems to appeal to a large number of Montgomery students. When evaluating why it lacks a legitimate platform despite this, one must go back to the political speakers who erroneously associate the term with phenomena that are simply not Marxist.

Some associate the meaning of feminism with a certain connotation. Sophie Wang ’23 dives deep into the core concept of feminism.

Media plays a role in leading infatuated viewers who do not know any better than to sympathize with contemptible criminals.

Increase NASA’s Budget

by Meghana Paturu ’22

Does NASA need increased funding to improve its endeavors in space exploration, education, and technology?

Arushi Ramaka ’22 discusses what different forms of female oppression may look like and explores the impact of traditional Indian dance.

As unemployment rates are nearing the levels of the Great Depression of the 1930s, the U.S. economy is headed towards a dismal near future. MHS students are surveyed about their thoughts on a looming economic crisis caused by the coronavirus lockdown.

Change in a Trying Time

by Adele Gaburo ’20

How does one adapt and find peace during difficult times? Adele Gaburo ’20 provides a bit of introspection on her time in quarantine.

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