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The Battle on the Internet

by Daniel Shen ’23

What began as a debate about an ex-president’s tweets turned into a constitutional debate about a fundamental right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

19 Feb. 2021

Bad Timing and Impeachment

by Alexander Tan ’21

Trump’s second impeachment set multiple milestones in history books, with unprecedented bipartisan support in the Senate.

19 Feb. 2021

A Redditor and a Hedge Fund Manager Walk Into a GameStop…

by Kiran Subramanian ’21

GameStop stock was in decline… until a few Redditors got crafty.

19 Feb. 2021

The Struggle to Enjoy the Holidays in Quarantine

by Daniel Shen ’23

In response to a rise in NJ COVID-19 cases, Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order No. 204. While the order is intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it also makes celebrating the holidays more difficult.

23 Dec. 2020

Google Under Legal Fire

by Gloria Yao ’24

The Justice Department’s antitrust lawsuit against Google is the biggest gov. v. big tech case in years, bearing similarities to legal battles in the Gilded Age.

2 Dec. 2020

Image, Image, and Power

by Daniel Shen ’23

Is a politician’s access to political power solely based on the morality of their actions? Or is modern politics more about how people perceive a leader’s actions?

2 Dec. 2020

Trump Nominates Coney Barrett to High Court

by Shri Thakur ’22

Barrett’s nomination sets up an ugly confirmation battle that, if successful, could cement a clear conservative majority on the court for generations to come.

14 Oct. 2020

The Crisis Off the Border

by Rohin Mishra ’21

Immigration has become a hot-button issue in recent years, but arguably the most unconscionable actions concerning ICE have received little to no attention and have been glossed over. 

14 Oct. 2020

America’s Response to 2020 Hurricanes

by Max He ’23

Over the past few months, an unprecedented number of hurricanes have appeared around the globe, exposing both the bright and dark aspects of American society.

14 Oct. 2020

TikTok Tension

by Adele Gaburo ’21

In the controversy around blackfishing, as well as other socio-political issues on the app, young Tik Tokers resort to tearing each other down instead of trying to educate each other.

8 Oct. 2020

The Californian Nightmare

by Kiran Subramanian ’21

According to ABC News, nearly 700,000 people left the state of California in 2020, compared to the 500,000 people entering the state. This may lead one to ask: why are people leaving the Golden State? 

4 Oct. 2020


by Evan Zilber ’22

Economic recession and social during Coronavirus, guide politics in 2020, an election year.

First Watergaate, Now Obamagate

by Kiran Subramanian ’21

Senate Republicans are trying to smear Joe Biden to lower his favorability, allowing for President Trump to win re-election and enabling Republicans to have a better chance at pushing their agenda.

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