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The Global Reaction to Joe Biden’s Historic Election Victory

by Ashton Basak ’23

The amount of global support Biden and Harris have received since their historic election victory signifies a new era in American foreign relations.

23 Dec. 2020

Assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientist Provokes New Conflict

by Flora Xia ’23

The assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a nuclear scientist, on November 27 has sparked tension between Iran, Israel, and America.

23 Dec. 2020

Thanksgiving and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Is it Better Safe or Sorry?

by Michelle Sun ’24

With the number of COVID-19 rising by the day, the preservation of Thanksgiving and other holiday traditions are at risk.

23 Dec. 2020

Explosive Crossfire Between Citizens and SARS Erupts Across Nigeria

by Skylar Grey ’23

The fight for justice and an end to the SARS force in Nigeria has sparked violence, protests, and a globally trending hashtag.

15 Nov. 2020

Large Wave of Protests against Thailand’s Monarchy

by Meghana Paturu ’22

Citizens in Thailand are currently fighting their government for their rights. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkite, the leader of the FFP, is proud to see his people rising. 

15 Nov. 2020

The Beheading of Samuel Paty

by Elizabeth Yang ’22

Horror swept France when news went around of a French teacher being brutally decapitated this past October.

15 Nov. 2020

Worries Over UK COVID-19 Human Challenge Trial Plans

by Audrey Chang ’23

As researchers and experts continue seeking a safe and effective cure to this deadly virus, the ethicality of challenge trials have caused much debate as to whether these ventures are necessary.

15 Nov. 2020

Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict

by Tom Athron ’21

Armenia and Azerbaijan’s conflict over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, which has roots that extend back through history, was resolved on Nov. 11.

15 Nov. 2020

COVID-19 Threatens Human Rights Activists

by Jenna Park ’21

Although it’s risky to hold massive protests, it is possible to follow the CDC’s COVID-19 precautions while spreading awareness for human rights.

11 Oct. 2020

California’s Raging Wildfires

by Madhumita Kannan ’22

Only in 2020 would a baby gender reveal cause a whole state to catch on fire and impact the rest of the world. Other conditions, such as strong winds and high temperatures, have fanned the flames, but the fire was ignited by the gender reveal’s smoke-generating fireworks.

6 Oct. 2020


How’s Mother Nature Doing During this Pandemic?

by Amanda Lu ’22

Discover the environmental impacts of COVID-19 on the biosphere and the human population.

Making a Global Change: The French BLM

by Meghana Paturu ’22

Even though the tragedy of George Floyd touched the hearts of the American people, it also reignited calls for justice all over the world. 

11 Oct. 2020

New Bill Allows California’s Ex-Inmates to Become Firefighters

by Elizabeth Yang ’22

On Friday, September 11th, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Bill AB 2147, extinguishing inmate firefighters’ records and paving the way for them to become firefighters when released.

4 Oct. 2020

Deadly Insects Bug Americans

by Akshay Duggal ’21

Learn more about the hornet and cicada issue.

Bringing the World Together

by Amanda Lu ’22

How did the world connect?

Dinosaur Findings

by Neeharika Beru ’22

Explore some of the latest findings of the prehistoric world.

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